The Hermitage: Terms and Booking Conditions

The property known as the Hermitage, Skeleton Lake, Muskoka, Canada is offered for a fixed period vacation rental, subject to confirmation, by the Owners, Sandra and Paul Beckett, to the renters (called the Tenants).

The rental period shall commence at 4 pm on the first day and finish at 10 am on the last day. The Owners shall not be obliged to offer the accommodation before the time stated and the Tenants agree to vacate the premises before 10 am on the last day of their occupancy.

To reserve the Hermitage, the Tenant should complete and sign the booking form and return it with payment of the non-refundable deposit (25% of the total rent due). Upon receiving the booking form and deposit, the Owners will send the Tenants a receipt by email or fax. This is the formal confirmation of booking.

The balance of the rent, together with the security deposit is payable not less than eight weeks before the start of the rental period. If payment is not received by the due date, the Owners reserve the right to give notice in writing that the reservation is cancelled. The Tenants will remain liable to pay the balance of the rent unless the Owners are able to re-let the property. Reservations made within eight weeks of the start of the rental period require full payment at the time of booking.

A security deposit of $2000CDN or equivalent per rental period is required in the event of damage to the property or its contents. However, the security deposit shall not limit the Tenants liability to the Owners. The Owners will account to the client for the security deposit and refund the balance due less any amounts for damage caused by the Tenants and for any telephone usage during the occupancy.

In the event of cancellation, any refund will only be made if the Owners are able to re-let the property. Any additional expenses incurred in re-letting the property will be deducted from the refundable amount. The Tenants should arrange a comprehensive travel insurance policy (including cancellation coverage) and have full coverage for the party's personal belongings, public liability, etc., since these are NOT covered by the Owners insurance. Under no circumstances shall the Owners' liability to the Tenant exceed the amount paid to the owners for the rental period.

The Tenants agree to maintain the house and all the personal property on the premises in good order and they to deliver them back to the Owners in the same condition in which they received them at the beginning of the occupancy. The Owners reserve the right to retain a portion of the security deposit to cover cleaning costs if the client leaves the property in an unacceptable condition.

The Tenants shall immediately notify the Owners of any defects or problems with the property and/or equipment.

The Owners shall not be liable to the Tenants:

  • For any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property or to any equipment or appliance in the property.
  • For any loss, damage or injury which is a result of adverse weather conditions, nor war, strikes or other matters beyond the control of the Owners.
  • For any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the Tenant if the property shall be destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period and, in any such event, the Owners shall, within seven days of notification to the Tenant, refund all sums previously paid in respect of the rental period.

The Tenants agree to respect the Owners' request that there be no smoking on the property.

The Owners are not responsible for any bodily injury next to or in the lake. Children must be supervised at all times.

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