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The beautiful Muskoka region, which is located about 2 hrs. north of Toronto, is bounded by Georgian Bay on one side and Algonquin Park on the other. Muskoka is among the world’s celebrated lakelands. The area was discovered by Samuel de Champlain in 1615. The name Muskoka is an English corruption of the Ojibwa name of the chief Mesqua Ukie. The region features many scenic lakes surrounded by wooded hills and granite rock and offers a wide range of activities year round to suit all tastes and age groups. The unique character and natural beauty of Muskoka draw people from around the world.

Skeleton Lake

Skeleton Lake was formed by the impact of a meteor, explaining its somewhat circular shape and great depth. That is also the reason for the limestone bottom, which gives the lake its famous clarity.

Skeleton Lake is thought to have received its name from two human skeletons found on the rocks by surveyors working on the north shore of the lake. Intrigued by this mystery, settlers asked a native chief about the skeletons and learned that he and his people had camped on that site one winter. They usually found plenty of deer in the area, but that winter the camp faced starvation and were forced to move when some members of the tribe were already weak. A 14-year-old boy, unable to move, was left behind, but his mother, a young widow, refused to leave her son to die alone. The image of the mother and son dying together in the cold and silence of the winter moved those who heard the tragic story. The Lake was named in their memory, thus commemorating forever a mother’s devotion to her son.



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Winter Wonderland
The Hermitage in Winter
Sunrise from Deck
Spring Thaw from Boathouse

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